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Looking for a way to earn money from home? Searching for a program that will provide free training and support from the ground up?

I found one! And through my research and hands-on experience, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is one of the top affiliate marketing programs available.

Let me tell you about Wealthy Affiliate and all that the program has to offer so you can decide for yourself, and get started with your own affiliate marketing business for free! Yes, FREE!

What It Is

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive online business platform, and community of online marketers that offers expert advice and support via live chat, live classes, and comprehensive training modules that will guide you through the entire process of building your site and growing your business to any level.

Earn while you learn – The tasks with each lesson are building blocks that you complete with the lesson. Your website will be built early in the training, so you will have a live site with money-making potential while you learn how to optimize and generate traffic.

Join now for free!

Do People Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

These are just a few – real people, with real success creating an online business with affiliate marketing, and generating a sustainable income. Click on the image to read their stories, and connect with them within Wealthy Affiliate.


Grace’s monthly income success







Eddy’s monthly income success
Jerry’s monthly income success


What Free Membership Offers

You can remain a free member for as long as you want – you never have to upgrade to premium if you don’t want to, and you’ll never be pressured to do so.

With a free membership, you will have you will have limited access to all that the program has to offer, but you WILL have access to the following:

  • 2 FREE websites, hosted on their siterubix platform
  • Entry-level training courses
  • Keyword research tool
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (Yes, you can make money as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate as a free member!)
  • And more…!

Click here to see the 2 levels of membership, and what’s included with each.

Basic Training Modules

You can choose how you want to get started with your online business, whether building a site with your own niche, or learning how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, or both. Whichever path you choose, there are up to 70 lessons with each to assist you every step of the way, from start to…….

(Let’s be honest here, any website is always in a constant state of revision, whether updating content, writing new content, adding new product reviews, etc. – but the training is never-ending at Wealthy Affiliate also! It’s a wonderful, interactive learning experience that never stops!)

Click here for an overview of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

Click here for an overview of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training.

And the training doesn’t stop there! Advanced training includes learning from expert marketers who offer live training webinars covering topics such as: All aspects of marketing techniques – Social media, video, PPC, email, local, and more; Everything WordPress; Search engine optimization; Keyword, niche, and market research; The Money Funnel; Strategies to create trust; The best ways to monetize, etc.

You can see that Wealthy Affiliate has all the components to set you up for online business success – all that’s missing is you!

What Wealthy Affiliate Members Are Saying About The Program:

“When I started out over 2 year ago, I was very leary of joining an online company based upon reading of the many scams that were out there. I just by chance came upon Wealthy Affiliate and did a lot of research and decided that this company was legit. I am very happy with joining WA and becoming a member. I have learned a lot at becoming a successful online marketer. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.”
-George Haas

“I’m so glad I found WA. I’d done lots of research on other affiliates but found nothing to equal this amazing business and training platform. Instead of spending hours, days, weeks or even years trying to source out information it is all at my finger tips. I love that I can also host with them too which makes things so much easier in terms of time and money.
Access to the business community 24/7 is a bonus and the community is very helpful. There is always some on hand to help. This one stop shop for starting and building your business is superb! It has everything you need whether your are newbie or an experienced business person. The fact you can actually speak and get help off not only the community but the co-founders Kyle and Carson is awesome and is worth its weight in gold.
I’d definitely recommend WA to everyone. It’s so much more than a business training platform; it’s a family of like minded entrepreneurs that help you succeed every step of the way.”

“Ever since I found the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program while I was surfing and looking for ways to make money online, I’ve been so excited. I am in a wheelchair and “real brick and mortar” jobs are hard to find.
I chose to do the seven day trial and the starter membership first; but by day three I was sold that this was me “striking gold” when I found this place. After almost five weeks, I still feel the same. I have yet to finish all the awesome training and I have 3 affiliate websites up and running. I’m expectantly awaiting my first earnings around month four.
I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s training. There is so much value given for the money spent. Also, the members of this community are some of the most giving, helpful and encouraging people I have ever met.”
-Shirley Dawson


Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive business platform that will provide all the tools needed to start your own online marketing business. There is nobody trying to “upsell” you there, and all the tools you need are provided –  you decide for yourself if you want to continue with a free membership, or unlock the entire array of powerful features and tools with a premier membership.

It’s completely free to try!

There is nothing to lose here, and the lifestyle that you dream of to gain, so sign up for your free membership today!

2 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate – Free Affiliate Marketing Training”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your article on wealthy affiliate. It is indeed a wonderful platform for someone looking to get into affiliate marketing.
    It sounds like you have been a go-getter your entire life. This is the latest fun challenge for you!
    There are so many great parts about wealthy affiliate it makes it a no brainer to join if you want to learn the ropes. I had a hard time working my way through the lessons because I was so anxious to get going. Starting from scratch with no experience in web design or blogging it was absolutely necessary.
    My favorite part is the sense of community and support. What’s your favorite part about WA?
    All the best,

  2. Hey, Mat! I’m so glad that you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate as much as I do!
    There are so many things that i could name as “favorite” – the ongoing training, the feedback from other members, the helpful community that shares new techniques/products that they have benefited from, the success stories that are shared help to keep other members focused and motivated, etc. – a member is not left to implement all they have learned after the initial courses, but phenomenal community support is available 24/7, and you can go back to the training modules for review, if needed, at any time. I’m so impressed with this program and community support, and even the 52 live webinars/year are available to all who cannot attend the live training. Those reasons alone are worth the minimal cost of membership – the education of a lifetime! And then all the tools you need are provided – from domain name, site building tools, keyword research tools, hosting, etc. What’s not to love?

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